The most optimistic image possible under present circumstances.

A New Flag

Posted on: 7/13/2015

There's been a lot spoken about the confederate flag lately from both sides of the issue. I'm not a big fan of it myself, which inspired me to create a new flag that will keep all southerners well-connected to their heritage. . . . uh,…

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Death penalty in America, published by Aljazeera America.

A Deadly Job

Posted on: 6/30/2015

These images depicting the various types of capitol punishment in the USA were recently published by Aljazeera America. In spite of the gruesome subject matter, I thoroughly enjoyed this project. The art directors there are creative and lik…

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Book's cover

Monk's Monster House

Posted on: 6/23/2015

 I’ve just published a children’s early learning book entitled: Monk’s Monster House. Fully illustrated with my own brand of “cute” monsters, Monk takes children on a tour of discovery through his strange and silly world. By emphasizi…

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Tampa Bay Times weekend section

What was I thinking?

Posted on: 6/6/2015

I recently created this cover for the Tampa Bay Times weekend section to announce Tampa Bay’s summer concert season. The first rendition on the left was found to be, well, as if we were flipping off the readers. LOL. The subsequent ver…

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